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This is my trike build progress.    Will be adding constantly. Keep coming back.   will give full detail.

I am not an english major so excuse the spelling and punctuation.  I am a union carpenter and enjoy building america.   this is how i built my trike.   i am actually building two trikes. One with a vw power plant and the other is a reverse trike using a motorcycle powerplant.   THe first is the vw trike.  Feel free look around sign guest book and write blog if dezire.  Have fun live free.


The joy of my life and me

Lets see where to begin.  I started with a 1975 vw beetle that was used as a dailty driver until the old owner burnt a bearing in the crank do to running it low on oil.  Paid $1000 for everything he had.   Was on a salvage title.   Took body apart and started cutting pans out to replace.   has sat for a year since.  Bought in 2007.  Have been trying to deside what to do since if i restore its not really worth anything.  Was going to create a manx.   So now lets build a trike.   I am using two different designs to create the dream i see.

So here are my two influences

Slacker G Trike


So i am using the down tube off of Slacker G and most everything else from Big Yella


Those that dont know ask. OI