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History / Background

      So my name is James Bell and i am thirty years old.  I have always built or torn things apart since i wwas a little kid.  Building things is my passion and my way to escape.  i went to scholl to be an A&P mechanic (airframe and powerplant).  which covers every form of fabrication and transfers into alot of things.  Never really wanted to work on airplanes though.  I am a union carpenter in Kansas City and enjoy building America a great deal.  Between my father in law and i we are fabricating every piece we can the only thing that wont be as of right now is the transaxle and wheels, Every step i do i am taking pics of and posting on this site and will give as much detail as i can with out stepping on any copywrite deals from bigyella or slacker g sites.  The info i use from them i will make ref. to them to cover my own ass and give them thier do.  The info from bigyella i will just be taking pics of my work and the rest you must  go to him for the details and blueprints.  I had to pay for it and so will you thats only fair.
        So anyway i am building another trike called a tri-magnum (its a reverse trike).  Uses a motorcycle for the power plant and the rest is made from plywood, foam, and fiberglass.  will give detail on this as well.  I am changing quite a bit of the body to my own liking. 
    The reason i am building these is to allow my son to go on rides with me and see the great american landscape like i did when i was growing up.  figure what better way than on three wheels built by me.  these will be awesome machines and will be very high perfomance.  My mane plan is to build trikes and bikes for people in anyform they want.  So if intrested contact and will figure things you would like on yours.  Any metal treatment or design.  Prof of what i can do will be in my first two trikes which will be mine for now so dont ask.    Later, have fun and live your life to the fullest and enjoy each day one at a time because thats all we have.    

Those that dont know ask. OI